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Winger at this year’s Zucchinifest


This year’s Friday night act will be Winger! They are performing on Friday, September 3rd at 9:00 PM. Visit the Zucchinifest website for more information and for the full schedule. ObetzZucchinifest.com

Winger at this year’s Zucchinifest2021-08-05T12:17:17-04:00

Big & Rich at this year’s Zucchinifest


This year's Sunday night entertainment is Big & Rich featuring Cowboy Troy! They are performing on Sunday, September 5th at 8:30 PM. Just us Labor Day Weekend for the Obetz Zucchinifest! Four days of food, music, rides, and entertainment at Fortress Obetz! Full schedule will be available soon.  

Big & Rich at this year’s Zucchinifest2021-08-05T12:16:10-04:00

Ezra Ray Hart at this year’s Zucchinifest


Check out your Saturday entertainment at this year’s Zucchinifest! They are performing on Saturday, September 4th at 8:30 PM. The Supergroup Ezra Ray Hart features Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray, Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra, and Emerson Hart of Tonic. Expect hit after hit! Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray Mark McGrath is an ever-present pop culture personality known for a string of top 10 hits and several multi-platinum albums as the lead singer and songwriter for Sugar Ray. With his first hit single “Fly” Mark McGrath set the stage with new sounds that pop rock audiences had never heard before. [...]

Ezra Ray Hart at this year’s Zucchinifest2021-08-05T12:16:48-04:00

Kane Brown Live at Fortress Obetz


Friday, July 16th Doors open at 4:00 PM Tickets: https://straubproductions.com All ticket prices will increase without notice.   Special Discount for Obetz Residents Who is Eligible? • You must be an Obetz resident and be able to provide proof in order to receive the SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE. How do I get the SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE? • Visit the Administration Office located at 4175 Alum Creek Drive, Obetz, OH 43207 • Hours are 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday - Friday • The CODES will be available from Friday, April 16, 2021, through June 16, 2021, no exceptions. What do I need to bring [...]

Kane Brown Live at Fortress Obetz2021-05-05T16:55:39-04:00

2021 Obetz Zucchinifest


Just us Labor Day Weekend for the Obetz Zucchinifest! Four days of food, music, rides, and entertainment at Fortress Obetz! Full schedule will be available soon.

2021 Obetz Zucchinifest2021-04-29T11:48:15-04:00

New Front Video Display at the Fortress


Our new display at the front entrance is bigger and better than ever! This adds a whole new element for anyone visiting the Fortress! The main difference between the new display and the old one is the shape. The old display was more of a message board with dimensions similar to that of a billboard. This limited the content we could display. This new video screen is much bigger than the previous one and is capable of much more. The size and dimensions of this display will allow for video content, not just static images like the old screen produced. As [...]

New Front Video Display at the Fortress2021-02-22T14:55:06-05:00

A Mighty Fortress


“The Fortress is a sports and entertainment complex that looms large in Obetz on land where race cars once competed. With a name inspired by an exclamation of power made by a sportscaster and constructed out of shipping containers, the complex is not conventional, but it works in a big way.” Follow the link to see more of the article from Linda Dillman of the Columbus Messenger. https://www.columbusmessenger.com/a-mighty-fortress.html

A Mighty Fortress2020-10-28T18:51:57-04:00
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